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Why Proxy Voting is “The Hidden Battle for Control of Wall Street”

the issue

Never before have a handful of giant index fund institutions had so much power over Corporate America…with YOUR money.

the index takeover

If current trends continue, Index Funds will own a majority of all stocks that trade on Wall Street.

the big five

Currently, 90% of all index funds are owned by just 5 giant Wall Street Institutions.

performance cost

Index Fund investors are not allowed to vote their proxies. The index fund managers vote on behalf of the investor without their input.

entrant barriers

Because of the scale advantage these giants hold, new entrants are few and far between, creating monopoly like conditions.

the potential future

“If current trends continue, a handful of Giant Institutions may gain voting control of virtually every large U.S. corporation.”

take action

flip control back to the investors


Transfer your holding to us. Let us be your S&P 500® index of choice.


Whether you vote or not, your investment gives other shareholders a bigger voice.


It's your turn. Democratize Wall Street. Change companies from the inside. Have a say in Big Tech censorship. Vote your ESG.

the index fund that opens the proxy process to shareholders

index proxy polling

The more we researched, the more the answer became obvious to us. Why not poll the shareholders of the index fund for their input? America is a democracy after all, why not here? Introducing – INDEX PROXY POLLING. 

Our secure and private software gives shareholders the ability to weigh in on all shareholder resolutions from the top 500 companies in America (according to Standard & Poors) and keep up to date with the latest corporate issues. 

What is a Proxy and why does it MATTER?

When you buy a stock, you become a part business owner of that company. Proxy voting allows shareholders like yourself to vote and influence company operations and decisions. A shareholder will receive information which describes the issues being voted on.  These votes are tallied and ultimately affect the overall course of that company.

There are a wide range of issues being voted on today. These issues can make a difference on companies but also have a wide ranging impact on society. Issues such as: ESG practices, big tech censorship, privacy concerns, diversity issues within the company, the list goes on and on. We believe that five institutions should not control the future of corporate America. Investors should. This type of power should be in the hands of the people. 

"When rights are not exercised, they are taken, and the slow death of freedom begins." - Michael Willis, Founder, Index Funds

What is "Index Proxy Polling"?

We poll shareholders on all proxy resolutions submitted by S&P 500® companies

Step 1

We tally the shareholder results

Step 2

The Investment Advisor of INDEX then factors these shareholder results, and other factors, before it casts the final vote

Step 3



INDEX is the new independent alternative. We are the index fund that offers “Index Proxy Polling”, giving index investors a voice.

Help Us Democratize Index Funds By:

Control of Wall Street should be in the hands of the many not the few. Help us give investors a voice.

Five index fund managers dominate the field with a collective 90% share of index fund assets. The indexing field attracts few new entrants because of extremely high barriers to entry.

Vote your ESG, not theirs. ESG investing (environmental, social and governance) is more important now than ever before. We believe in changing companies from the inside out, not boycotting. 

Freedom of speech is FREEDOM. Make sure your voice is heard.