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The 500 leading companies in the S&P 500® Index



Our investment plan is simple: believe in the success of the top S&P 500® brands in America



  • We believe index funds outperform managers over time.
  • We believe the S&P 500® Index is the best index to own, capturing 80% of available market capitalization.*
  • We believe every fund should be a no-load fund.
  • We believe 12b-1 fees are a conflict of interest.
  • We don’t sell your order flow.



  • We don’t lend out your shares.
  • We don’t leverage or buy derivatives.
  • We believe simple is better than complex.
  • We believe one share class is better than multiple share classes.
  • We believe an equal-weighted index portfolio tends to beat traditional market-cap indexes over long periods of time.

*Market capitalization refers to the total dollar market value of a public company's outstanding shares of stock.



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Ticker Symbol: INDEX


^Basis points is a unit of measure used in finance to describe the percentage expense in the value or rate of a financial instrument. One basis point is equivalent to 0.01% (1/100th of a percent) or 0.0001 in decimal form.

* ONEFUND, LLC has agreed to waive and/or reimburse fees or expenses from gross of 1.34% to net of 0.25% Total Annual Fund Operating Expenses After Fee Waiver/Expense Reimbursement (excluding acquired fund fees and expenses, brokerage expenses, interest expenses, taxes and extraordinary expenses) of the Fund’s average daily net assets for No Load Class shares. This agreement is in effect through July 31, 2020. This agreement may not be terminated or modified by the Adviser prior to this date except with the approval of the Fund’s Board of Trustees.




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INVESTMENT OBJECTIVE: The Index Funds S&P 500® Equal Weight (INDEX) seeks to replicate, before fees and expenses, the total return of the S&P 500® Equal Weight Index.