One goal

We build million dollar portfolios.

We set the goal high. One million dollars. Sounds unrealistic? It’s not. It’s as little as $179 per month or $6 per day to get you on the path. Commit to this process and let compounding interest reveal it’s wonder.

Life would feel a little bit easier with $1 million in the bank, right? Join the movement and take the pledge today. (the sooner the better…little investing tip)

One investment

A minimalist approach​

INDEX, our S&P 500® Equal Weight Index Fund, gives you the performance, clarity, and peace of mind you need in an investment plan.

Following a single investment strategy reduces clutter 
and frees you to focus on growing your network and income.

One community

Don't just grow your portfolio. Grow your income.

We realize that 30 years can seem like a long ways off. One of the best ways is get to your goal faster is by making more money. That may seem like an oversimplification but it’s the realty.

INDEX gives you access to resources that will actually allow you to do that. Pick a mentor and gain valuable knowledge. Apply for micro loans or crowdfund your ideas. Network with a community that shares the same drive as you do. 

One mindset

Build a long term state of mind.

It takes a drive and determination to find success. This is a long journey and cultivating a powerful mindset will help you make it to the end of the race.

We believe that smart and steady wins the race. 

The First Open Proxy Index Fund

Where you invest matters.
Don't feed the giants.

The Independent Alternative Choice. Join the movement.

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